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68-01 Crossland v. Election Commissioner Fuchs Opinion

68-01 Crossland v. Election Commissioner Fuchs

67-04 Decision

Attached is the Court's decision in 67-04, reversing the decision of the Election Commissioner and essentially undisqualifying SBP candidate Isaiah Tsau.

67-03 Decision

Attached is the decision for 67-03.

Judicial Court to Hear Case 67-03 Murtha v. Douglas and Benigno

The Judicial Court will hear oral arguments in Murtha v. Douglas and Benigno tonight at 9 PM in Koldus 144.

67-02 Decision

Attached is the decision for Case 67-02, Lanier vs. Douglas and Lanz, in which the Court rules in favor of Mr. Lanier.

Court Rules in Favor of Election Commissioner in O'Rourke vs. Douglas (67-01)

The Court has issued its opinion in Case 67-01 and has ruled in favor of the Election Commissioner.

Judicial Court Accepts Four Election-Related Cases

The Judicial Court has voted to accept four cases so far regarding the 2015 Student Body elections. Two cases have been consolidated into one in 67-02. The four cases (consolidated down to three) are:

  • 67-01 O'Rourke vs. Douglas; oral arguments will be held Monday, February 23rd at 7:10 PM in Rudder 410
  • 67-02 Lanier vs. Douglas and Lanz; oral arguments will be held Wednesday, February 25th at 5:30 PM in Koldus 111
  • 67-03 Murtha vs. Benigno and Dougas; pre-trial hearing will be held Wednesday, February 25th at 9:00 PM in Koldus 146 (now open to public because of larger room but seating is limited and will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis). The pre-trial hearing is not actually the oral arguments for the case. It is a meeting requested by one of the parties to raise claims about the procedure of the case. The times for the oral arguments will be set after the pre-trial hearing.
  • 67-04 Tsau vs. Douglas

The original appeal forms for each case are attached below.

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