File an Appeal


To file an appeal, please fill out the form below and submit it via email to Chief Justice Jake Smith at

Also, if you have questions regarding the appeal process, please see the attached Welcome Document designed to further explain the Judicial Court process.  If you continue to have questions after reading that form, or would like the help of a Judicial Advocate, please contact Chief Justice Jake Smith.



Judicial Advocates General (JAGs) are responsible for assisting those who ask for counsel for their hearings in front of the Judicial Court. If asked, the Judicial Advocate will support their assigned party to prepare the best case possible. Advocates will also be the primary point of contact so long as they are involved in the case. Time commitments will vary throughout the course of the academic year, but will be required to attend some meetings. In addition, if they are assigned a case, they will also have meetings with their assigned party. Every student has a ability to use a Judicial Advocate should they make that choice. 

Below are the JAGs for the 2014-2015 school year. Feel free to contact them with any questions regarding the SGA Constitution or Code as well as with questions regarding the process of filing a case:

Aaron Lozano (Chief JAG):
Tyler Boykin:
Mackenzie Luce:
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